Horse Padded Leather Headcollar Fully Adjustable Diamond Stud Brown Full Cob

by Tack24
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Name of Item: Diamond Stud Padded Leather Headcollar

Colour: Brown

Size: Full & Cob

Product Description:

  • This headcollar, made of high-quality buffalo leather, is easily adjustable and has an elegant design.
  • This stable halter is extra soft padded on the neck and noseband to make it more comfortable to wear. 
  • The buckle at the head and the clip on the throat can be adjusted. 
  • Thanks to the throat lash, this headcollar is not only good looking, but also provides extra safety.
  • High-quality buffalo leather + steel fittings
  • Buckle at the head and clip on the throat for easy adjustment
  • Adjustable under the jaw
  • With round stitched throatlash
  • Extra soft padded on neck and noseband

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