Horse Rope Headcollars Mix Colours

by Tack24
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Style: Multi Colour Rope Halter

Colour: Multi Colour  

Sizes: 8 mm


This is a QUALITY rope halter hand made from high specifications braided rope these ropes are  very durable and easy  for adjustments .

The halter is knotted using the usual overhand knots . The knots and design of the halter offer selective pressure points on the horses face give great results when used for leading or for training.

These halters are perfect for use with Natural Horsemanship or Parelli techniques work and handling horses when teaching them ground work. 

However, the halters are also ideal for leading bargy or strong horses and are great for use when loading reluctant horses and for lungeing or loose schooling.

The halters come in two sizes: Full and Cob, knots can be adjusted as per requirements .

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