Leather Anatomical Anti Chafe Girth Brown

by Tack24
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Name of Item: Anatomic Leather Girth

Colour: Havana Brown

Sizes: 48’’, 50’’ & 52’’ / 120cm – 130cm

Product Description:

-  Anatomic Leather Girth is a luxurious leather girth.

-  Super soft and comfortable girth with soft and durable leather lining.

-  Made from an innovative artificial leather that out performances the characteristics of real leather.

-  The Leather is durable, hard wearing and easy to clean.

-   Elasticated at both ends, to ensure even pressure distribution over a wider area.

-   The contoured girth shape, provides a comfortable fit.

-   Allows free movement of the horse’s elbow and shoulder

-   Made up of 3 durable layers. They are attached to stainless steel buckles as shown in the pictures.

-    Gives the girth extra strength and durability.

-   The central spring-loaded clip and side rings allow for easy attachment of martingales, breastplates and training aids.

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