Leather Market Harborough with Reins - Black & Brown - 3 Sizes

by Tack24
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Item Name: Leather Market Harborough 

Colours: Black & Brown

Sizes: Full, Cob & Pony


- High quality with continental web reins. 

- Useful for ridden flat work. 

- Pressure is applied to the bit when the horse raises his head too far, control of which is in the hands of the rider. 

- Good for improving top line muscle.

- This leather elastic breastplate with running martingale attachment is a professional quality jumper breastplate for shows as well as everyday use.

- With adjustable neck straps, the length of the breastplate can be adjusted according to the size of your horse.

- The breastplate martingale is made of high-quality buffalo leather and has steel fittings, which give a classic look. The elastic minimises the restriction on your horse shoulders, but ensures that your saddle is stabilised properly

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