Leather Padded Lunging Lunge Cavesson Brown Full Cob

by Tack24
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Style: Leather Cavesson 

Colour: Brown

Size: Full & Cob


- Innovative German design which addresses the comfort issues caused by traditional cumbersome lunge cavessons 

- Integral high shock absorption properties for comfort while on the lunge - padded headpiece with noseband strap passing over the headpiece to alleviate uncomfortable pressure in the poll region.

- Bit straps for bit attachment is NOT SUPPLIED.

- Quality leather, best workmanship and comfortable wear.

- Perfect attachment possibilities. Can be used with or without a bit.

- Padded to protect the sensitive bridge. Stainless steel fittings. Bit not included.       

- Indispensable for training and schooling of young horses and for daily lunge work. It is gentle on the horse's sensitive mouth.

- The softly padded noseband should be buckled in the same way as a regular noseband. The rings offer versatile possibilities to attach lunge reins or reins.

- Sympathetically designed to protect sensitive areas of the head

- Wide fitting headpiece and noseband

- Buckle trigger clip fittings for greater choice in fitting

- Noseband rings fitted on top and sides for precision  

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