Leather Padded Stud Guard Jumping Girth 38'' to 58'' - Dark Brown

by Tack24
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Style: Stud Guard ( Jumping Girth )

Colour: Dark Brown

Sizes: 38'' - 58''

Product Description:

  • A lovely comfort Padded Leather Stud Girth designed to give the horse maximum comfort and freedom of movement
  • Comfort padded leather with elasticated ends and stainless steel buckles and fittings
  • Padded shaped girth also incorporates ring and buckle fitments for martingale or training aid attachments
  • Roller buckles 
  • Elasticated at both ends for even distribution and balance
  • Stud guard girths are designed for jumping. 
  • They protect the horses belly from studs or  the heel of a metal shoe when jumping.
  • The girth is elasticated at both ends and has stainless steel roller buckles for easy adjustment.

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