Small Hole Strong Haynet Quality Mix Colour - 28'' - Set of 2,3,5,10 or 20

by Tack24
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Item Name: Small Holed Haynets

Colour: Mix Colour

Size: 28''

Product Description:

- Small Hole Strong 

- Horse or Pony Hay Net (Haynet)

- These Haynets are made from strong polypropylene and have a metal ring at the bottom 

- Includes strong Black string to tie the hay net up.

- Dimensions -  Length when CLOSED: approx 609mm  (Approx 24"), 711.2mm  (Approx 28"), 914mm  (Approx 36")

- Hole size: approx 50mm x 50mm measured along each side (approx 2" x 2")

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