Sweet Itch Rug Eczema Security Protection Fly Midge Insect Zebra 5'3-6'9

by Tack24
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Style: Eczema Horse Rug 

Colour: Zebra

Sizes: 5'3"- 6'9"


  • Combo Full Neck
  • This sweat itch/eczema sheet prevents the smallest of insets and midges from getting through to the horses skin and causing irritation
  • The snug fit, ensures your horse will be fully protected from neck to tail.
  • Protects your horse against the sun, infection and irritation from flies.
  • Well placed shoulder darts that ensure an excellent fit with plenty shoulder room, allowing full freedom of movement.
  • A large tail flap adds for extra protection. 
  • Quick drying technology helps wick away sweat.
  • Perfect round the clock protection may it rain or shine. 
  • Need extra belly & flank cover, this rug has a wide removable belly flap which is attached once the main section of the rug has been fitted. 
  • Made of 100% soft elasticated and tightly weaved polyester, breathable functional fibres with a softening effect
  • Water resistant & quick drying
  • Machine washable at 30 degrees Celsius

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