Horse Exercise Sheet Rugs

An Exercise Sheet is designed specifically to be worn whilst exercising a horse, when protection from the cold and the rain is required. The waterproof horse exercise sheet is a must have for any clipped horse this winter. It is 100% waterproof with a lovely thick fleece lining; it has a Velcro fastening at the front meaning it can easily be taken on and off when needed. It features a cut away design and reflective strips to help aid visibility on dark mornings and evenings. Also includes a tail flap with reflective strip.
Warmth: Arguably the most important benefit. They provide warmth across the back, loins, croup and essential organs such as the kidneys. Warmth is essential for muscle suppleness. They're of great benefit when warming up for a schooling session or a competition to help engage the muscles in the back and hindquarters. Remove it when you think your horse is warm enough to prevent him from sweating. Put it back on when you cool down to prevent your horse’s muscles cooling too quickly, which can cause chills and cramps. Exercise Sheets are commonly used whilst hacking out to keep the horse’s muscles warm, especially during slower hacks in the autumn and winter. At this time, horses are more likely to be clipped as well, so keeping them warm is particularly important. In addition, horses that suffer from Azoturia can benefit from wearing an exercise sheet.

Waterproof: The benefit of a Waterproof Exercise Sheet is that it keeps your horse from getting wet, but more importantly, it prevents him from getting cold from the wet. Often exercise sheets that are waterproof, are usually windproof as well.

Be Safe, Be Seen: Many Exercise Sheets contain "reflective strips" which are practical for misty winter riding. However, for hacking out on the road, your horse really needs a proper Exercise Sheet. The large block of hi viz makes you really visible to drivers and cyclists alike.
Nowadays many of the thicker Exercise Sheets are made of a breathable material that prevents the sweat from becoming trapped between the horse’s skin and the exercise sheet. If this happens, the horse can become cold very quickly when it dries. The useful feature for winter is to look out for an Exercise Sheet that's fleecy lined The extra weight of the fleece lining will stop the rug from blowing about in the wind, which may be a requirement for young or nervous horses.

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