Slow Trickle Feed Haynet Haylage Small Mesh Holes Hay Net 2.5 Meters - 5 Colours

by Tack24
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Name: Small Hole Haynets - Big - 2.5 meters

Colours: Black, Blue, Purple, Red & Teal

Size: 2.5 M x 1.5 M


  • This haynet is designed to fit large round bales of hay in a field, barn or yard
  • Helps to slow down eating and holding the bale together to save wastage from hay been trampled in mud or blowing away in the wind
  • Strong tying cord to hold net on the bale tightly
  • Length: 2 metre x 1.5 metre
  • Mesh Size: 5cm (50mm)
  • Colour: Mix Colour

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